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ArtCodex atelier del codice miniato

Malagoli Lucione manoscritti

ArtCodex® Atelier of the Illuminated Codex

Castelvetro di Modena

The Atelier ArtCodex® is located within the setting of Castelvetro di Modena, a fascinating medieval village in the heart of the Emilia Romagna region, a center of ancient handicraft traditions and productions of a high artistic-cultural level.

Originating from the passionate research of the founder Luciano Malagoli, ArtCodex® is an artistic workshop specialized in bringing back to life the most important illuminated manuscripts of the past, by way of highly faithful artistic reproductions. Long years of experimentation have made it possible to create a series of work processes that, in combining the ancient techniques of the illuminators together with the most evolved technology, consent a revival of the ancient splendor of the illuminations in the form of precious facsimile reproductions.

Within this context, ArtCodex® recreates the past by means of elegant illuminations in bright colors and pure gold, with covers of leather, silk velvet, and precious stones; and with select cartaPergamena® that reproduces the ancient fascination of the animal parchment, on which the skillful copyists applied their art.

Malagoli Artcodex e facsimili

The project of the facsimile editions arose from the wish to cast light upon book treasures that would otherwise have been destined to remain idle in the archives, unknown to those who cannot be counted among the few privileged scholars allowed to view them. The facsimile editions contribute to the circulation and protection of a heritage of illuminated codices that, reproduced in prestigious exemplars, are able to substitute the originals in scientific research and to become collectable gems destined to those who wish to appreciate their beauty. The realization of a facsimile manuscript is thus an artistic project that requires years of study and research, thanks to which the achievement of absolute faithfulness to the original does not remain just an aspiration, but becomes a precious reality.

I facsimili Artcodex