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ArtCodex atelier del codice miniato

Codici Miniati medievali
Facsimili libri medioevali

ArtCodex® Atelier of the Illuminated Codex

The CartaPergamena®

La cartaPergamena ArtCodex

The type of parchmented paper adopted and the work process employed guarantee that each single sheet is equal to the original: the cartaPergamena®, following an “ageing” treatment, recreates the same thickness and effect of movement that the passage of time has brought about on the original. The color of the parchment is faithfully reproduced: each sign, fold, spot, or transparency is reproposed precisely, contributing to enhance the codex with the same sensation of antiquity that characterizes the medieval manuscript. Finally, the distinctiveness of the ArtCodex work process is that of successfully creating the same tactile sensation of the two sides of the animal parchment: the hair side (rougher) and the flesh side (smoother).

Riproduzioni libri medievali