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ArtCodex atelier del codice miniato

Codici Miniati medievali
Facsimili libri medioevali

ArtCodex® Atelier of the Illuminated Codex

Binding and Cover

La cartaPergamena ArtCodex

The process of binding the codices is realized by adopting the traditions of the ancient artisan bookbinderies. The work process, which is employed in handicraft workshops that still preserve the antique manual press, is that of the ancient medieval and Renaissance traditions: the hand sewing of the headband and leaves, with an absolute respect for the trimming of the manuscript pages and for the collation followed in the binding of the codex. The cover is reproduced in facsimile while respecting all the characteristics of the original, when the latter is in a good condition of conservation. Studies are instead made of a cover philologically compatible with the original, when the original cover of the preserved manuscript is no longer to be found. Each work process is carried out by hand, utilizing the materials of the period.

Riproduzioni libri medievali