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ArtCodex atelier del codice miniato

Riproduzioni libri medievali
facsimili manoscritti medioevali

ArtCodex® Atelier of the Illuminated Codex

The realization of the Facsimile

Ricerca libri antichi

The reproduction of a precious ancient manuscript requires an extreme attention to detail, which can be attained only by retracing the original processes of the copyists. In order to follow such procedures, ArtCodex has elaborated and patented avant-garde work techniques suitable for achieving a reproduction that is in every respect identical to the original.

The ArtCodex facsimile becomes the “new original”, with all of its fascinating imperfections, with all the scientific characteristics of the volume’s composition, and with all of its original splendor.

Riproduzione cormatica manoscritto

Codici Miniati medievali