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ArtCodex atelier del codice miniato

Riproduzioni libri medievali
facsimili manoscritti medioevali

ArtCodex® l'Atelier del Codice Miniato

Le tecniche di ripresa

ArtCodex has perfected a method for the acquisition of images that guarantees a very high definition, which is essential in order to carry out the successive stages of reproduction. By means of an illumination system that does not produce heat, and with the use of a special support developed precisely in order to avoid any tension on the original manuscript, the photographic acquisition is able to attain the highest quality without damaging the precious codex. The printed reproduction is enriched with all the colors necessary for recreating each of the codex’s figurative elements, in complete harmony with the various gold and metallic parts.

LE tecniche di ripresa ArtCodex

Codici Miniati medievali